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Here are three main things to consider when choosing a glove:
1) Determine the purpose of the glove. Is it simply to keep your hands clean from the usual dust or dirt, or do you need protection from handling possible biohazards or chemicals?
2) Does the user need to maintain a sense of sensitivity in the fingers when wearing the gloves?
3) Does the user have sensitive skin and possible allergies to latex?
Latex Gloves provide an excellent barrier to viral transmission, has a high resistance to tears and punctures and has excellent tactile sensitivity for better feel. However, latex's resistance to oil and grease is not as good, they contain residual chemicals and proteins.
Vinyl Gloves are protein free and have a good resistance to light and ozone. However, they have inferior barrier properties, are susceptible to sharp objects and have poor elasticity and strength.
Nitrile Gloves are protein free, have good elasticity (but lower than latex), strength, durability and barrier properties against viral transmission. However, they have a low resistance to tears, contains residual chemicals similar to latex and has poor resistance to benzene, methylene chloride and many ketones.
A Few More Tips:
Medical Grade Gloves have FDA oversight and approval for handling blood borne pathogens (blood, urine, etc.). If the box does not say "Exam" or "Examination", the gloves are not medical grade.
Industrial Grade Gloves are typically used for industrial or non-medical purposes, such as food service or cleaning markets.
Powdered Gloves use cornstarch to keep them from sticking to their mold during manufacturing, which makes them less expensive since the process is faster. However, the powder can go airborne during donning and removal, carrying possible contamination into the lungs by simply breathing.
Powder Free Gloves are more exensively washed in the manufacturing process reducing latex proteins and chemicals, which reduces allergies. These gloves tend to be more expensive, so be wary of cheaper versions which can be weak and difficult to don.
We carry many more types of gloves, so if you dont find what you need, call us at 800-873-7121 and we are happy to help!

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