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Urological Supplies

photo of Hollister Apogee HC Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter THUMBNAIL
SKU: HO91416
Mfr Part Number: 91416
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Bard Catheter Insertion Tray for 30cc Balloon THUMBNAIL
SKU: BH802130
Mfr Part Number: 802130
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photo of Bard Dispoz-a-bag leg bag THUMBNAIL
$3.69 Price Details
SKU: BH150619
photo of Bard Leg Bag Dispoz-a-bag THUMBNAIL
$3.83 Price Details
SKU: BH150102
Bard Red Rubber Catheter THUMBNAIL
$1.18 Price Details
SKU: BH277712
Bard Silicone Coated Foley Catheter, 30cc Balloon THUMBNAIL
$1.84 Price Details
SKU: BH123618A
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Bard Urinary Night Drainage Bag, 2000ml, 154002 THUMBNAIL
SKU: BH154002
Mfr Part Number: 154002
Pickup Location Info
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Bard Urinary Night Drainage Bag, 2000ml, Bardia, 802001 THUMBNAIL
SKU: BH802001
Mfr Part Number: 802001
Average Rating: Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating Positive Rating
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Bard® Catheter Plug and Cap THUMBNAIL
SKU: BH000076
Mfr Part Number: 76
Pickup Location Info
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Belly Bag Urine Collector, 1000cc THUMBNAIL
SKU: NAB-1000
Mfr Part Number: B1000
Pickup Location Info
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Calmoseptine Ointment THUMBNAIL
SKU: MI0001-04
Pickup Location Info
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Castille Soap Towelette THUMBNAIL
SKU: DY1304
Mfr Part Number: 1304
Pickup Location Info
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Catheter Adapter THUMBNAIL
SKU: AQ2219
Mfr Part Number: 2219
Pickup Location Info
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Catheter Insertion Tray for 5cc Balloon THUMBNAIL
SKU: BH802110
Mfr Part Number: 802110
Pickup Location Info
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CATH-SECURE® Multi-Purpose Tube Holder THUMBNAIL
SKU: ZMJ5445-2
Mfr Part Number: 5445-2
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Coloplast Active Cath, External Male Catheter Extended Wear THUMBNAIL
SKU: MN8500
Mfr Part Number: 8500
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Coloplast Freedom Cath, External Male Catheter Latex THUMBNAIL
$1.51 Price Details
SKU: MN8000
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Urological Supplies

Urinary catheters are used to drain the bladder for reasons such as incontinence, urinary retention, surgery or other medical conditions that prohibit normal function. Careful handling and cleaning is required since catheters can introduce bacteria to the body. Check with your doctor or healthcare professional for proper care and use of irrigation, insertion trays and other supplies.

There are three main types of catheters:

Indwelling or Foley Catheter – Left in place in the bladder, can be used for long or short periods of time. They have a small balloon on the end that is inflated once it is in the bladder prevent it from sliding out of the body. The catheter is attached to a drainage bag which collects the urine.

Condom Catheter – A condom type catheter is placed over the penis, similar to a condom, and has a tube that leads from the device to a drainage bag to collect urine. These need to be changed every day.

Intermittent Catheter – These catheters are used intermittently or occasionally. They are inserted to drain the bladder and removed after the flow of urine stops.

There are two types of Drainage Bags:

Leg Bag – A smaller collection device that attaches to the leg with leg straps. Usually worn during the daytime.

Night Bag – Also known as a drain bag, overnight bag or bedside bag. It is larger than the leg bag, holds more fluid and us mostly used at night or while in bed, you can hang it on the bed or place it on the floor.


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